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Looks like I am going to have to buy up all of the Strawberry Swishers I can find.

As some of you might have heard, the US has decided to band flavored tobacco because of its appealing nature to children. Even though I agree with this because I remember when I was a kid it was definitely the shiny and colorful boxes of the flavored tobaccos that would attract my attention. If you go to a proper head shop you can see that the amount of flavored blunt wraps these days and it really is a little out of hand.


Although the law has passed, it cannot be implemented because regulations have not been drawn up yet. I feel bad for all of those people who don’t have access to great weed and need a little flavor to go with their budz.

So just a little head up to all you flavored swisher and blunt wrap fans, start buying up your lifetime supply before they go away….


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Dear President Obama,

I know I wasn’t born when this picture was taken but from what it looks like you were a pretty cool guy. I have to tip my cap off to you for accomplishing something that no other American has in history… You openly admitted to smoking marijuana.

Some might argue with me that Bill Clinton was the first…

  • Sorry Bill you didn’t inhale.

Some might argue that George W. Bush was the first….

  • He never admitted it, we just all know its true.

Barack you are the man, you enjoyed the simple pleasures of life during your youth. I understand you have a lot going on these days and I applaud the fact that you are letting states make the decisions regarding laws they have passed. I am not the one saying that legalization is going to solve all of the economic problems that we are currently facing, but it coudn’t hurt right?

When you go to make decisions regarding the medical marijuana polocies just take a second to look back at this picture and think about how you were feeling at that moment in time. I guarantee you weren’t thinking you would ever be put in a position to make a difference but now you can. As regards to the current fight regarding legalization all I have to do is take a page out of your book, YES WE CAN!!

-The Pot Snob

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Not only is she hot, but she also likes pot…

For years now I have seen stories pop up about Adrian Curry and her love for medical marijuana. She even recently started writing her own kick ass blog for a medical marijuana site.

Although sometimes it has been critisized as being a little bit to personal we all can see that she has the same type of passion for medical marijuana as a lot of us out though.

Even though she is now technically a competitor, no hard feelings Adrianne, I applaud that she tries to use the little celebrity power that she has to promote pot. I am sure she and Peter Brady sit around the bed smoking bowls out of her high times award. It’s hard to get famous people to come out and admit that they smoke pot, even though a majority most likely do.

Hats off to you Adrian..Stay medicated!!

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Green Angel Of Mailbu

Cap: $55   ($60 for the 91’s)

Strains: 100+

Payment: CASH ONLY (Atm inside)

Extra: Medication Lounge

Bottom Line: Best Pot Shop in the land!!

Our first stop on our dispensary tour in Los Angeles was definitely the best spot to go to after a long drive.  In most cases you save the best for last, but I need to fulfill my KUSH craving and go directly to my favorite spot in all of Los Angeles.

GAM is located on the Pacific Coast Highway right in the middle of Malibu.  If you are a connoisseur like myself this is the place to go. At any give time they can have up to 100 strains on their menu, each even better than the next. There concentrates are superb (check out the Delta 9’s if available), and they only carry amazing edibles. There is no bullshit with this place. I dare you to go into this place and not find an amazing strain at an amazing price, it is simply not possible.

GAM is also known as the home of the 91’s. Now some people I am sure are thinking what are the 91’s? Well if you go in and ask they will be more than glad to tell you. They are simply referring to the original 91 OG cut. I would go into the whole story myself but to be honest, you have to just go there and ask them, no one can explain it better and more perfect then them. I have literally seen people get into heated conversations over this so I am just not going to go there.


The staff is also extremely friendly and nice. Luckily one of my good friends Medi was working today and was able to show me  the best of the best. If you have the chance to get some knowledge from him take it, he really knows what he is talking about. If you have a question; they have an answer.

The main thing is to pace yourself, take your time. There is a lot to see and it can be a little overwhelming. Sniff, smell, and look at anything that you want. I urge you to check out every single Chem strain they carry (Chem sister, chem.#4, Underdawg etc…). These strains are rare and are not found at most places, and if they are they probably are not the real things. Do not leave without getting something crossed with 91, I suggest the 91 x Tahoe or 91 x Skywalker if available. I had the chance to pick up both these strains as well as the 91 Malibu Fire..check it out….


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There is something I look forward to every year in October. No its not Halloween, its HARVEST SEASON… This time of year is when growers from all over California chop down there 10 foot pot trees and produce some of the finest marijauana of the year.

Now to be honest, I am not really a fan of outdoor grown marijuana. Most of the stuff I am used to is dank sticky indoor chronic. But if you are going to smoke outdoor now is the time of year to acquire some.  Nothing like some fresh buds to get the month going. Look out in your local dispensaries for some great indoor in the months to come.


Above is a picture of a GDP grow done by my buddy (indoors of course). Just some nice tasting dense buds.Dankness in my book!!

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Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have not posted in a few days but I have a ton of new stuff coming to the page. I just got back from a hectic 24 hour trip to dispensary heaven, Los Angeles. As someone who spent 5 years as a patient in the community it is a little bit unsettling so see what has been happening.

It has been about 5 months since I have been back to Los Angeles and since then I have seen many articles about how dispensaries keep popping up on every corner. Unfortunatly I found this to be 100% true. Walking on Melrose boulevard alone you see about 7 or 8, some of them being right next to each other.

Now what does this say for the medical marijuana community?

There are positives and negatives to this explosion, but in my opinion mostly negative. When reffering to the legalization ballot for 2010 you would begin to feel comfortable to see all of these dispensaries popping up. One thing people might be overlooking is that for marijauana to become legal, a type of regulation will have to be put in place.

If you have the chance to go down to LA to check out the madness do it now. Within the next two weeks we should hear more rgarding what is going to take place in what is being reffered to as the “wild, wild west.”

All the madness aside, I was able to pick up some great strains and stop in with some great friends. More strain and dispensary reviews to come from some of my favorite places, keep an eye out.

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