Do you want to grow some home grown but are limited by space? Well worry no more, thanks to the revolutionary advances of indoor grow tents.

After conferring with many patients over years of budtending, pretty much everyone was in favor of the Secret Jardin Tents.

They are as easy to set up as a family picnic, just:

  • Pick a model that fits your grow space
  • Set Up a light and a vent fan
  • You are now ready to grow!!


As you can see in this picture there is a 3×3 tray inside of a 4×4 ten with a 600 W HPS.


There is a carbon filter with a can fan cooling down the lights an venting out the window. What i love about these tents so much is that you can customize your set up in a any way and try multiple locations for your equipment. In this case the side pane;l of the tent was opened and pushed up against a window with an AC unit.

The Jardin’s are a little more expensive than some of the other lines out there but I assure you they are the best. Other brands such as Sun Huts and Hydro Huts seem to be made with flimsier material. A few years ago Hydro Hut actually used to use PVC piping for the frame work, which would cause carcinogens to get into the plants because of the temperature. They have since fixed that problem but I still wouldn’t go there. The Jardin’s used to come in a few limited sizes but over the years they have branched out into making tents bigger and bigger. The site is very detail oriented and it gives recommendation you aon what lights to use for each specific tent, which I suggest you follow thoroughly.

Secret Jardin Features



Greetings Stoners!

Hello Stoners and Pot Snobs!

The ol’ PotSnob and myself are working on some fantastic content for our new site including:

  • Exclusive interviews with potfessionals and potmedians!
  • Original videos on the bevy of consumption methods available to The New Stoner!
  • A weekly radio show discussing important (and not so important) issues regarding all things Marijuana!
  • A premier forum for INTELLIGENT conversation and networking within the Industry
  • A top notch store for all your pot head apparel needs!

Please stay tuned while we work on updating the site so that we can bring you our collectively nerdy over-knowledge of the Cannabis Industry!

Why are we doing this? Because we’re lucky to be Cannabis Patients living in The Bay Area at this time in American History, and we are here to chronicle that progression for everyone who doesn’t have access to this information on the ground level. There is something wonderful going on here in California, and we are truly privileged to be reporting to you from the front line.

Happy Smoking Stoners!


Pot Snob Administrators


Dear President Obama,

I know I wasn’t born when this picture was taken but from what it looks like you were a pretty cool guy. I have to tip my cap off to you for accomplishing something that no other American has in history… You openly admitted to smoking marijuana.

Some might argue with me that Bill Clinton was the first…

  • Sorry Bill you didn’t inhale.

Some might argue that George W. Bush was the first….

  • He never admitted it, we just all know its true.

Barack you are the man, you enjoyed the simple pleasures of life during your youth. I understand you have a lot going on these days and I applaud the fact that you are letting states make the decisions regarding laws they have passed. I am not the one saying that legalization is going to solve all of the economic problems that we are currently facing, but it coudn’t hurt right?

When you go to make decisions regarding the medical marijuana polocies just take a second to look back at this picture and think about how you were feeling at that moment in time. I guarantee you weren’t thinking you would ever be put in a position to make a difference but now you can. As regards to the current fight regarding legalization all I have to do is take a page out of your book, YES WE CAN!!

-The Pot Snob

So Cal Co Op

Cap: $65  ($65-75 for the Master P)

Strains: 40+

Payment: CASH ONLY (Atm inside)

Extra: Good Glass Selection as well as smoking accessories.

Bottom Line: Master P’s are no joke..

Welcome to the home of the Master P. No not the rapper, the marijuana strain.

So Cal Co Op is a nice small shop located in Tarzana California. I originally became interested in this place from watching Episode 13 of The Weed Report.

This one struck me as unique just because of their quality. So Cal has a bunch of strains on the board and most of them are all top notch. There concentrate selection is incredible and they also have a wide variety of edibles. Smoking accessories are available for purchase as well,  from papers to bongs to blunts.

So Cal Co Op is more than a dispensary it is a sort of a brand name. They do a good job at promoting themselves. Gotta love the t-shirts, which they take a lot of pride in designing. Most importantly they do a good job at focusing on the strain that put them on the map, THE MASTER P.


This was my second trip to So Cal, the last one being about 8 months ago. The check in was quick and easy. I walked in and to my discovery they have expanded the Master P line by adding a few more flavors, Cherry P, Arctic P, Blueberry P and Purple P.

At first I was like ok, they grew a bunch of Master P and just renamed them all. I thought they were like most places, where they just rename strains to have more of a variety. To my suprise, every single name on the jar reflected exactly what the smell was.


I would have to say that this is defiantly one of the places to stop and find some of the most unique pot in the entire world. The smell was so spot on I thought it was a joke of some sort. The cherry smelled like cherries and the blueberry like blueberry. I immediatly plopped down my donation because I had to try some of this rare smoke.

I was in shock and in awe, I immediatly brought them to a few of my other fellow pot snobs to get their take on the unique smells coming from these little orange jars. To say the least everyone was blown away and couldn’t believe thier noses. After tasting it they were shocked to find a nice fruity taste in the back of their throats. These strains are by far revolutionary to the pot industry.

If you get a chance to go down there grab the full line of Master P’s and try mixing a few of them together, I promise you will not be dissapointed.


Not only is she hot, but she also likes pot…

For years now I have seen stories pop up about Adrian Curry and her love for medical marijuana. She even recently started writing her own kick ass blog for a medical marijuana site.

Although sometimes it has been critisized as being a little bit to personal we all can see that she has the same type of passion for medical marijuana as a lot of us out though.

Even though she is now technically a competitor, no hard feelings Adrianne, I applaud that she tries to use the little celebrity power that she has to promote pot. I am sure she and Peter Brady sit around the bed smoking bowls out of her high times award. It’s hard to get famous people to come out and admit that they smoke pot, even though a majority most likely do.

Hats off to you Adrian..Stay medicated!!

Green Angel Of Mailbu

Cap: $55   ($60 for the 91’s)

Strains: 100+

Payment: CASH ONLY (Atm inside)

Extra: Medication Lounge

Bottom Line: Best Pot Shop in the land!!

Our first stop on our dispensary tour in Los Angeles was definitely the best spot to go to after a long drive.  In most cases you save the best for last, but I need to fulfill my KUSH craving and go directly to my favorite spot in all of Los Angeles.

GAM is located on the Pacific Coast Highway right in the middle of Malibu.  If you are a connoisseur like myself this is the place to go. At any give time they can have up to 100 strains on their menu, each even better than the next. There concentrates are superb (check out the Delta 9’s if available), and they only carry amazing edibles. There is no bullshit with this place. I dare you to go into this place and not find an amazing strain at an amazing price, it is simply not possible.

GAM is also known as the home of the 91’s. Now some people I am sure are thinking what are the 91’s? Well if you go in and ask they will be more than glad to tell you. They are simply referring to the original 91 OG cut. I would go into the whole story myself but to be honest, you have to just go there and ask them, no one can explain it better and more perfect then them. I have literally seen people get into heated conversations over this so I am just not going to go there.


The staff is also extremely friendly and nice. Luckily one of my good friends Medi was working today and was able to show me  the best of the best. If you have the chance to get some knowledge from him take it, he really knows what he is talking about. If you have a question; they have an answer.

The main thing is to pace yourself, take your time. There is a lot to see and it can be a little overwhelming. Sniff, smell, and look at anything that you want. I urge you to check out every single Chem strain they carry (Chem sister, chem.#4, Underdawg etc…). These strains are rare and are not found at most places, and if they are they probably are not the real things. Do not leave without getting something crossed with 91, I suggest the 91 x Tahoe or 91 x Skywalker if available. I had the chance to pick up both these strains as well as the 91 Malibu Fire..check it out….



There is something I look forward to every year in October. No its not Halloween, its HARVEST SEASON… This time of year is when growers from all over California chop down there 10 foot pot trees and produce some of the finest marijauana of the year.

Now to be honest, I am not really a fan of outdoor grown marijuana. Most of the stuff I am used to is dank sticky indoor chronic. But if you are going to smoke outdoor now is the time of year to acquire some.  Nothing like some fresh buds to get the month going. Look out in your local dispensaries for some great indoor in the months to come.


Above is a picture of a GDP grow done by my buddy (indoors of course). Just some nice tasting dense buds.Dankness in my book!!