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I know all you So Cal people already know pretty well about the BEE LINE but this is for everyone else out there.A few years ago I was medicating with a friend of mine and I noticed a rope tied around his lighter. He lit the end of it and proceeded to light his bowl with this piece of rope. At first I thought he was a little strange, but then he explained to me about how this little piece of string helps you get the best taste out of your buds. I quickly proceeded in trying the bee line, and discovered that it really does help you get the full flavor with no extra chemical taste.


This fantastic product I am talking about is called BEE LINE. The Bee Line is an organic hemp made string that has been dipped in beeswax. They are easy to tie around your lighter (demonstration coming soon) and can go anywhere with you. The line comes in two different thicknesses for your specific needs. For pipes I suggest the $3 dollar small spool, but for all you water pipe lovers out there I suggest paying the extra money and buying a spool on thick line (as seen on the right above)


Lets just say I have quickly converted everyone to using this fantastic product….


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