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Dear President Obama,

I know I wasn’t born when this picture was taken but from what it looks like you were a pretty cool guy. I have to tip my cap off to you for accomplishing something that no other American has in history…¬†You openly admitted to smoking marijuana.

Some might argue with me that Bill Clinton was the first…

  • Sorry Bill you didn’t inhale.

Some might argue that George W. Bush was the first….

  • He never admitted it, we just all know its true.

Barack you are the man, you enjoyed the simple pleasures of life during your youth. I understand you have a lot going on these days and I applaud the fact that you are letting states make the decisions regarding laws they have passed. I am not the one saying that legalization is going to solve all of the economic problems that we are currently facing, but it coudn’t hurt right?

When you go to make decisions regarding the medical marijuana polocies just take a second to look back at this picture and think about how you were feeling at that moment in time. I guarantee you weren’t thinking you would ever be put in a position to make a difference but now you can. As regards to the current fight regarding legalization all I have to do is take a page out of your book, YES WE CAN!!

-The Pot Snob


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