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Who says you can’t be a permier sports star and be a pot smoker at the same time?┬áSan Francisco Giants starter Tim Lincecum was stopped in Washington state by a trooper for a routine traffic stop. When the officer went to collect his licence and registration he smelled some pot and asked Lincecum to hand it over. According to the officer he confiscated about 3.3 grams of marijuana from the Cy Young Award Winner. Lincecum did not appear to be intoxicated at the time and was written a citation and sent on his way.

As a local to the San Francisco area it doesn’t shock me that Lincecum puffs on the pipe every now and then. Besides have anyone of you ever seen Lincecum in his street clothes? If you didn’t know he was a baseball player you would think he was some pot smoking emo musician. Does it surprise me? Not at all. I have heard of many athletes who like to cut loose during the off season and smoke a couple of joints every now and then, who couldn’t blame them, playing professional sports is such a hard job isn’t it? I dont know if the MLB is going to be electric feeling this move Timmy.


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Looks like I am going to have to buy up all of the Strawberry Swishers I can find.

As some of you might have heard, the US has decided to band flavored tobacco because of its appealing nature to children. Even though I agree with this because I remember when I was a kid it was definitely the shiny and colorful boxes of the flavored tobaccos that would attract my attention. If you go to a proper head shop you can see that the amount of flavored blunt wraps these days and it really is a little out of hand.


Although the law has passed, it cannot be implemented because regulations have not been drawn up yet. I feel bad for all of those people who don’t have access to great weed and need a little flavor to go with their budz.

So just a little head up to all you flavored swisher and blunt wrap fans, start buying up your lifetime supply before they go away….

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There is something I look forward to every year in October. No its not Halloween, its HARVEST SEASON… This time of year is when growers from all over California chop down there 10 foot pot trees and produce some of the finest marijauana of the year.

Now to be honest, I am not really a fan of outdoor grown marijuana. Most of the stuff I am used to is dank sticky indoor chronic. But if you are going to smoke outdoor now is the time of year to acquire some.  Nothing like some fresh buds to get the month going. Look out in your local dispensaries for some great indoor in the months to come.


Above is a picture of a GDP grow done by my buddy (indoors of course). Just some nice tasting dense buds.Dankness in my book!!

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