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The Gandalf Pipe


I have seen them around the internet but never had the chance to actually use one. A friend of mine was searching around Haight Street today and managed to find an original Gandalf pipe from Starfish Designs.


The only way to authenticate it in my opinion is to ask if they are made by Starfish. If they don’t know what you are talking about then I would just move on. Starfish Designs is based out of Oregon and pretty much brought these pipes onto the scene. It seems like everyone is trying to rip them off now. They range in size from x-large to small. My buddy went with the medium cause he said he felt like he would break the big one.  The smoke is smooth and powerful and if you are lucky enough it might make you see some hobbits running around.


Get Your Gandalf Pipe’s in San Francisco at:

Pipe Dreams

1376 Haight Street

San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 431-3553



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Todays Debate: Roor Vs. Illadelph


Anyone familiar with the “bong scene” knows about Roor and Illadelph Glasswear. Both are known for making quality products and have established a solid brand for itself in pot culture. There glass thickness varies from 3.2 mm all the way up to 9 mm. If you were to put them up against each other without labels you might not be able to tell the difference, well maybe you wont be able to.

Roor: The founder of this german glassware company is none other than the famous german glass blower Martin Birzle.  All roor glass is hand blown and made in limited numbers in order to maintain high quality control. All roor bongs are glass on glass, with ground glass joints, no rubber bushings or metal pieces are used to connect the stem to the body of the bong. Roor’s biggest credit was the beginning use of a diffusing downstem in their designs.


Roor Shop: Amsterdam
Sint Nicolaasstraat 19
1012 NJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 3302681

Illadelph: This company started out small in Philadelphia a few years ago mostly distributing on the east coast. With the opening of its shop on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, Illadelph changed the way glass is sold. If you have the time to go in there it is not like your typical “smoke shop”. Illadelph is a gallery, these are pieces of art. Having many conversations with the creator myself you really get an understanding of how much of an art glass blowing is. If you want to see some ridiculous looking pieces, take a ride down to 7257 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles.  Illadelph continues to provide high quality as well as making advancments in technology. Check out both the hash bowl and wand accessory kits as well as the ridiculous condenser coils.



Illadelph Glass Gallery
7257 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90189
(323) 937-1994

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